rtayyak8cAlmost all the movies that are available in theatres come from Hollywood, and it’s tough to keep track of everything that can be found on the market. Apart from these, there are also other sources for movies, like the Bollywood movies, the British-made films, the independent movies or the foreign films. The list could go on and on, and there are so many genres that it can be difficult to choose something based on the title.


However, it’s important to get a good movie to watch, and you can get different sources of information to find out about what the last release is or what is worth watching. Let’s see how you can find a good movie to watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon or whenever you want.

The IMDb

IMDb comes from The Internet Movie Database, and it’s a real goldmine for those who want to find out useful information about different films. The website is organized in genres, so you can search for a specific movie or a specific type, resulting in thousands of movies that you can choose from. You will have different details about each film, like the description of the plot, the cast list, the soundtracks, trailers or quotes.

You’ll find different sections there, and now you can download an app for your mobile device, but you can also access a “what to watch” section. The app is available for everyone who has a smartphone or another smart appliance, and the mentioned section is the place where you’ll find interviews, presentations, and reviews for movies that people consider worthy of watching.

The Rotten Tomatoes

You can find the Tomatometer on The Rotten Tomatoes, which indicates the opinions of professional critics. The scores that you find here are from the number of the professional reviews, no matter if they are positive or negative. If you find a movie that has a percentage above 60, it is worth watching. On this website, the reviews that are given by the users are not as important as the ones you can find on IMDb.

Ask Friends

No matter what type of movies you like to watch, the opinion of your friends is always important. Ask them what was the last movie that made an impression or about something that they liked, no matter if it was in theaters or downloaded from the internet. You should at least make an opinion about what they can recommend you, if it’s good, if it’s fun or if it’s something that it’s better to avoid.

The Theaters

The theaters often offer premiers – the newest movies that were released on the market, and you’ll get to hear about this on the radio, on TV commercials or through fliers. If it’s possible, you can check their schedule every week and movie-icon-28see what films you can watch and when. The prices will vary from movie to movie, but the most expensive are the premiers – the first time when a movie can be seen is considered unique, and this increases the cost of the ticket.

The Movies

You have many options available, both in theaters and online, so you can choose anything that you’d like to see. Romantic movies, comedies, thrillers and horror movies, sci-fi movies or historical, all of these are available for you. Before making a choice, see the trailer or read the presentation, to get an idea about the movie and to have some info about the action. With all the sources of information, it’s very easy, and you can find all this even in theaters or from the fliers.

In the end, it’s important to have a good time and watch a movie that fits your preferences, allowing you to relax and enjoy what you see!

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