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At the turn of the 21st century, many would never have imagined that you could actually stream movies from the comfort of your home. The internet was different back then and the only way to watch movies online was to download them, usually by illegal means. When streaming movies with, and other similar streaming services rose to promise over the past few years, the idea of watching movies legally without downloading them was growing in popularity.


Many hopped onto this bandwagon and the video streaming industry has been growing exponentially in recent years. Downloading is copying the data from one server to another, i.e. your computer. On the other hand, streaming involves constantly receiving data while the video is playing.

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Why Streaming Movies is Better Than Downloading Movies?

Movie streaming is far better than downloading movies for a number of reasons:

  • For starters, it saves a ton of time streaming a movie instead of downloading it. Movie files are quite large, typically exceeding 1 GB in size for a 2 hour length film. When it is being downloaded, it can take several minutes, even hours, before download is complete and you are finally able to watch it. However, streaming allows for instant viewing.
  • All users need to do is load the website and click start. Assuming your connection speed is relatively fast, the film will start immediately and will not buffer throughout the playthrough.
  • The time it takes to stream a movie is quite minimal and the time expended is the same as the duration of the film. With downloading, you are wasting time sitting around before you can experience your viewing pleasure.
  • Another benefit of streaming instead of downloading is saving hard disk space. When you are downloading, you are allocating a certain amount of precious hard drive space to a file.
  • With movie files nowadays being larger than 2 GB in size (1080p HD), that is a lot of space to dedicate to a single video file.
  • Once the movie is on your computer, that space is no longer usable. Perhaps halfway in the film you realize that the film is not as good as you thought it would be, and you stop watching it. Now you have a file that serves no purpose. Sure, you can delete it, but that makes the whole downloading process inconvenient.
  • Files taking up a large chunk of data only to be deleted in a short time is just a waste. Streaming means that the video file is not being copied onto your hard drive. Rather, you are dynamically accessing the movie that is located on another server.
  • Even if you are running low on hard disk space, you can always stream an entire film, since the file is not being stored on your computer. This saves a lot of data, making streaming far more convenient than downloading.

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Moreover, with downloading comes the threat of intellectual property rights. All movies belong in the possession of movie studios and downloading them and having them illegally is a serious offense.

Caution! Illegally Downloaded Content Will Track You Down!

All files downloaded can be traced back to your IP address and movie studios will spopcorn favorite food while streaming moviesue you for illegally possessing their content.The benefit of streaming is that you never have to face such a scenario.

When streaming, the file is never in your possession, so you are clear of all charges. You can stream movies legally and rest assured that movie studios not will press charges.

These are just some of the key reasons why streaming movies is superior to downloading them. As a result, more people are opting for video streaming services, with the number of subscribers increasing every year. Check out some tips and tricks to find them.





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