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Nagendra Urs Debut

Acclaimed Kannada editor and actor Nagendra Urs’s directorial debut Heart Beats was a critical success, so naturally audiences anticipated the release of his second directorial creation. Perhaps the high expectations set by Heart Beats inevitably did his second film a disservice. Although promotional trailers made Rocky look promising, the movie unfortunately falls flat on its face, ordinary for a men like him.


The film stars the talented young actor Yeshwant, known for his roles in Moggina Manasu and Jambada Huduji, and Mumbai model Biyanka Desai in her debut acting role. The poor dialogue and screenplay does not allow Yeshwant to do much, which isn’t exactly his fault, and he doesn’t seem to quite know what to do with his role.However, Desai does a good job in her first ever movies appearance.

Splendid Rocky character

Yeshwant plays the titular character Rocky, a responsible and dedicated student who falls hopelessly in love with fellow classmate Usha, played by the beautiful Desai. He conceals his feelings for her and she doesn’t pick up on his affections. When he discovers she loves the singer and guitarist Vishwas, played by Jai Jagdish, rather than confess how he feels he instead tries to match up Usha with his rival. Vishwas, however, fails to understand what Rocky is requesting and believes he has been sent by his elder brother’s enemies. After the ensuing misunderstandings and madness unfold, eventually Usha realizes Yeshwant’s powerful love for her. But do they end up together in the end? Well, that is the driving question of the film.

Nothing on the Movie is Original | Surreal Plots

The story is an amalgamation of several unoriginal plotlines, sharing many similarities to Allu Arjun’s 2004 Teluga film Arya. It seems almost as if Urs couldn’t assemble a plotline on his own. Despite resembling the stories of several other more successful films, the scenes fail to engage thanks to their lack of creativity. The only parts of the movie that warrant attention are the song segments, some of which are quite good, and every other scene fails to inspire. The comedy ends up being aggravating rather than funny, and this doesn’t bode well for a romantic comedy.rocky 2008 poster

In the end, the best aspects of this movie are the song sequences and costumes. That’s not enough to hold the movie up though and the overall affair is quite forgettable and repetitive. There is virtually no re-watch value, so it’s not worth it to purchase this film. Instead, if you’re interested in watching it and seeing how it compares to Urs’s directorial debut, try locating the movie on a free movie streaming site and watch it there.



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