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Peter Berg’s Deepwater Horizon begins with showing us everything Mark Wahlberg’s character Mike Williams has to lose. He bids farewell to his beautiful wife, played by Kate Hudson, and his little girl before he heads off to work. The goodbye is tense because he’s not heading off to an average office job but to a task with far more risk involved. He’s employed as a Transocean chief electronics technician on an oil rig that stands in the middle of the sea.His position requires him to leave his family for 20 days at a time.

It doesn’t take long in the film before things begin to go wrong and the worst-case scenario arises. Night falls and the rig is rocked with an explosion, immediately taking the lives of 11 crewmembers. In reality – because this movie is based on real-life events that happened in the Gulf of Mexico back in 2010 – this was one of the most massive petroleum spills in United States history. There was massive backlash against BP and devastating environmental fallout.

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The movie does not focus on the fallout however. The rest of the movie follows the events that occurred that night, showing the actions taken by the crew to prevent more people from dying. Williams has to fight for his life and for the lives of everyone else on the rig. In the middle of the sea, far away from the mainland, this is a tense and horrifying struggle.

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The set is incredibly impressive. The acting is also sufficient, enough to not detract from the thrills and tension created by the chaotic environment. With the aforementioned Kate Hudson and Mark Wahlberg as the leads, the movie has a very solid cast. Kurt Russell appears as the Transocean crew captain and John Malkovich plays the BP rep that’s on the rig at the time of the explosion, pressuring everyone to work faster as they’re behind deadlines. He’s the closest the film comes to a human villain and he does a great job switching from despicable greed to cowardice as the events unfold.

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The action builds up to a dramatic, CGI-filled climax that will surely push you to the edge of your seat, and the wild, nerve-wracking nature of what’s happening on screen makes this one of the HD movies that needs to be watched on a large screen and not a tiny laptop. We see Williams saving his colleagues from horrible life-threatening situations over a short time period that is dramatically stretched out over an hour of seat-gripping plot.

However, luckily, the performances never get over the top and the actors and director clearly made an attempt to keep every action plausible. After all, these were real-life events. There were no superhero-like invincible buffs on the oil rig when this happened, just brave blue collar individuals. The actors do a great job at keeping these heroes blue collar, realistic and relatable. However, this does result in a lot of technobabble that non-engineers might not be able to follow. Realistic, but not engaging. It does make a lot of the film hard to follow.

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What’s strange about this movie is that you do forget while you’re watching it that this was a real national tragedy that affected the lives of many people. While you’re entertained by the acting and the explosions and the set, you do forget about those real people out there that were deeply affected by this. It does making the viewing experience odd, since real life tragedy is rather lightly being turned into entertainment. It’s something to keep in mind while you watch it.

If all you’re in for is explosions, fire, smoke, crashes, and screaming – then this film will work for you. The chaos is hard to follow, but the disorder is surprisingly effective at being thrilling without completely losing the viewer. Everything looks so real it almost doesn’t matter that you don’t understand what a lot of the characters are saying at any given time. There is a delightful lack of personal, tragic backstory, those moments not included in favor of consistent action. It was a good choice on Berg’s and the writer’s part.

This movie is an effective action-packed two hours of portraying average individuals as heroes. It’s worth seeing on the big screen, and then seeing again next time you’re looking for free streaming movies online.



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