list of best movies to stream on hulu

Best Movies on Hulu Right Now

Hulu, ugh! Not long ago, it was one of the last resorts for the movie community/fans to watch their movies. Now that’s changed. Hulu has grown up to be a decent competitor to the biggest streaming options today. Hulu is a great choice to stream movies because:

  • affordability
  • one of the best movie streaming quality in the industry
  • wide range of movie choices to watch.


deepwater Horizon movie featured

Mark Wahlberg Finest Movie ‘Deed’ – Deepwater Horizon

Peter Berg’s Deepwater Horizon begins with showing us everything Mark Wahlberg’s character Mike Williams has to lose. He bids farewell to his beautiful wife, played by Kate Hudson, and his little girl before he heads off to work. The goodbye is tense because he’s not heading off to an average office job but to a task with far more risk involved. He’s employed as a Transocean chief electronics technician on an oil rig that stands in the middle of the sea.His position requires him to leave his family for 20 days at a time.


the girl on the train movie poster

The Girl on the Train (2016) Review

Many readers fell in love with Paula Hawkins’ mystery thriller The Girl on the Train, which presented a murder and also a trio of three complicated, problematic women main characters who served as unreliable narrators. Throughout the weaving of their stories, lies are built up and torn down. The novel did an excellent job building tension and making the reader question every character presented as a possible culprit.


masterminds 2016 movie review- poster

Masterminds (2016) Review & Facts

Have you ever done something silly just to impress a partner? What about something… ILLEGAL? That’s the crux of the idea behind the movie Masterminds. The lead character is based on the real life individual David Ghantt, who was once a vault supervisor at the armor trucking company Loomis, Fargo & Co. and robbed $17 million from them in 1997. The dastardly scheme involved several inexperienced cohorts who assisted Ghantt, essentially using him as their inside man. He then ran off to Mexico with a portion of the money. The whole affair –one of the largest cash robberies in American history – was ridiculous enough to inspire a comedic retelling.


streaming movies poster

Streaming Movies is Better than Downloading? | Trending

At the turn of the 21st century, many would never have imagined that you could actually stream movies from the comfort of your home. The internet was different back then and the only way to watch movies online was to download them, usually by illegal means. When streaming movies with, and other similar streaming services rose to promise over the past few years, the idea of watching movies legally without downloading them was growing in popularity.


evil dead the musical san antonio

Evil Dead the Musical in San Antonio, Texas

Looking for something fun to do this Halloween season? You could watch a free movie home alone, or pay for a hilarious and entertaining performance of the next iconic seasonal staple. Sunday October 2nd saw the kick-off of Evil Dead: The Musical at San Antonio’s Cameo Center. The horror-themed musical is perfect entertainment for the month of Halloween, a mix of over the top humor and horror that is reminiscent of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The musical debuted in 2003 in Toronto’s Tranzac Club and has been successful since, so it’s no surprise the performance in San Antonio is just as entertaining and successful.


rocky 2008 poster

Rocky (2008) Review

Nagendra Urs Debut

Acclaimed Kannada editor and actor Nagendra Urs’s directorial debut Heart Beats was a critical success, so naturally audiences anticipated the release of his second directorial creation. Perhaps the high expectations set by Heart Beats inevitably did his second film a disservice. Although promotional trailers made Rocky look promising, the movie unfortunately falls flat on its face, ordinary for a men like him.


Tips and Tricks for Finding a Good Movie

rtayyak8cAlmost all the movies that are available in theatres come from Hollywood, and it’s tough to keep track of everything that can be found on the market. Apart from these, there are also other sources for movies, like the Bollywood movies, the British-made films, the independent movies or the foreign films. The list could go on and on, and there are so many genres that it can be difficult to choose something based on the title.