rocky 2008 poster

Rocky (2008) Review

Nagendra Urs Debut

Acclaimed Kannada editor and actor Nagendra Urs’s directorial debut Heart Beats was a critical success, so naturally audiences anticipated the release of his second directorial creation. Perhaps the high expectations set by Heart Beats inevitably did his second film a disservice. Although promotional trailers made Rocky look promising, the movie unfortunately falls flat on its face, ordinary for a men like him.



Tips and Tricks for Finding a Good Movie

rtayyak8cAlmost all the movies that are available in theatres come from Hollywood, and it’s tough to keep track of everything that can be found on the market. Apart from these, there are also other sources for movies, like the Bollywood movies, the British-made films, the independent movies or the foreign films. The list could go on and on, and there are so many genres that it can be difficult to choose something based on the title.